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Monticello Medical Associates experienced x-ray staff are eager to meet your radiology needs and provide our service on site.  It is our goal at Monticello Medical Associates that each patient feels comfortable and informed when images are being performed.

Monticello Medical Associates provides medical digital services using conventional radiology (X-Ray).

The x-ray department performs imaging to aid your medical provider in making accurate diagnoses and prescribing targeted treatments for a wide range of conditions, from the simple to the complex in adults and children.  

We can provide a copy of your Radiology images upon request. The images will be in CD format. To protect patient confidentiality, radiology images cannot be copied and released without a written consent or signed Authorization for Release of Information by the patient or legal guardian.

Some of the images we offer includes but not limited to:

  • Chest
  • Kub/abdomen
  • Upper extremities
  • Lower extremities
  • Spines
Image of Nicole Coffey, LRT and Jill Keith, LRT

Left to Right: Nicole Coffey, LRT and Jill Keith, LRT

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